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Welcome To Mikes Crumb Cake Factory

  Offering OVER 40, we have the largest and STILL growing selection of crumb cake flavors in the country.

  Our speciality is delicious crumb cake created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by a multi-decade old family recipe. Improving and introducing your experience with our crumb cake in new and creative ways is what drives us to keep our selection constantly growing.

   Flavors far from average, blasting your tastebuds with a delightfully rich and moist cake bottom. The way you see crumb cake will never be the same.

"Traditional" Crumb Cake -
$4.95 (Pieces) $14.95 (Boxed
"Specialty" Crumb Cake -
$5.95 (Pieces) $15.95 (Boxed
"Specialty Plus" Crumb Cake -
$6.95 (Pieces) $16.95 (Boxed
$7.95 (Pieces) $17.95 (Boxed
"Sugar Free" Crumb Cake -
$7.95 (Pieces) $17.95 (Boxed
(Special Order)

Look What People Are Saying:

“We just had our first Mike’s Crumb Cake Factory experience- the best crumb cake we’ve ever had! The vanilla and apple were amazing! Next time we are trying the cheese and carrot cake. Can’t wait!”

     - Tracy

Best crumb cake ever!!! Absolutely delicious!!! We will definitely be regulars here. We're sharing with our family and work. Sorry we didn't know about this sooner. Incredible!!!!     


Stopped in today and I was amazed! Mike was great and the options he had seemed endless.He even offered to do Sugar-Free options for my diabetic family members. Can’t wait to go back!

Large menu · Great food


BEST CRUMB CAKE I’VE EVER HAD! Honestly, everyone needs to try this place. The cake and the crumb topping is so amazingly moist and fresh, I wish I ordered more. We ordered a box regular crumb cake and two slices of the cookies and cream and i don’t think it’ll make it through the weekend. And the the brownies.... oh my god so DELICIOUS. Can’t get enough. Will definitely be back!          - Alyse

Soooo yummy! Luv’d the flavors I tried: Vanilla & Blueberry! Also, super friendly service! Tell a friend ♥️   


I go in once a week to try something new.

The apple crumb was probably by far the best crumb cake I've ever had in my life.


Just left with a banana chocolate chip crumb cake and a cream cheese carrot cake crumb cake. Tried both as soon as we got home and both are FIVE stars. We will be back. Thanks Mike!


Best Crumb cakes period. Highly recommend trying them out, you'll always go back!!!


Parties & Events


Check out some of our flavors and CALL TODAY to speak with us about how we can help keep your guests smiling throughout the night with our mouth watering selection of large sheet crumb cakes and brownies.

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with crumb cake.” 

- Dylan Grayson -


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 TEL: 732-475-6140

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The Recipe

Multi Generational Style

History is a beautiful thing when tied together with genuine craftsmanship, desire and a sweet tooth. Our recipe has grown and been nurtured over three generations. Today is when you choose one of many, if not more... of our large variety of crumb cakes.